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* Add command auto-completion
* Include crontab and at-queue into backup
* Make output look clearer [Done in 3.0.3]
* Add more filters to show,edit and delete commands like show location path:PATH [Done in 3.0.2]
* Allow specify of more then one attribute when working with objects, like edit host us:foo,pw:bar us:bar,pw:foo [Done in 3.0.2]
* Add customizable output to show command like show job any detailst:regulary [Done in 3.0.2]
* Improve edit command for lists like edit job jobname:JOBNAME sources:+LOCATIONNAME [Done in 3.0.2]
* Add cli history [Done in 3.0.2]
* Shortcuts like cr for create and hn for hostname [Done in 3.0.1]