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Change Log

Changes 3.0.4 -> 3.0.5

* Improvement: Disturbing orphaned folders of somehow previously abnormally failed jobs below the workspace directory are now detected and deleted once a job starts

Changes 3.0.3 -> 3.0.4

* Feature: Implemented cli auto-completion and history
* Bugfix: Cosmetical corrections of error message when trying to delete objects that are in use
* Bugfix: Cosmetical correction of log entries for uploads

Changes 3.0.2 -> 3.0.3

* Bugfix: Changing an objects name did not work
* Bugfix: Changing a schedule between onetime and regulary did not work
* Feature: Cleaner output for show

Changes 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2

*Bugfix: Fixed typo in the installer
*Bugfix: Fixed typo in help
*Bugfix: Jobs crashed if host is not reachable
*Bugfix: Editing of scheduled jobs did not update schedule correctly
*Feature: The installer checks for root permissions
*Feature: The installer checks for a existing lmftp.conf to make a config path proposal
*Feature: Improved object filter: show, edit and delete can now be called with any object attribute instead of just their name
*Feature: Improved show, edit and delete command: multiple attributes in search filters can be specified (which will be logical ANDed)
*Feature: Improved edit and delete command: Multiple objects and multiple attributes can be changed/deleted at once
*Feature: Improved edit command: single objects can be added/removed to list attributes with +/- operators
*Feature: Improved show command: output can be adjusted with parameter details (shortcut: dt)
*Feature: Added cli history

Changes 3.0.0 -> 3.0.1

*Bugfix: Changed error message when untainting a variable fails
*Feature: lmftp now supports the following command shortcuts:
sh = show
cr = create
ed = edit
dl = delete
hn = hostname
ad = address
us = user
pw = password
pn = pathname
pa = path
ln = locationname
nn = notificationname
em = email
jn = jobname
so = sources
de = destinations
no = notifications
cs = concatenatesources
zs = zipsources
bs = backupsources
ds = deletesources
co = completeness
re = retry
sn = schedulename
on = onetime
rg = regulary